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In the Forest

Ars Poetica

I will not rescue you.
For you are not powerless.
I will not fix you.
For you are not broken.
I will not heal you.
For I see you, in your wholeness.
I will walk with you through the darkness,
As you remember your light.
          (Forras: Ancient Essense Wisdom for 21st Century fb)

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Image by Jeremy Bishop


We believe that everybody is wonderful creature of the Universe. Our mission to show how beautiful you are, to show how connect/reconnect you to the source, to the family, to the community, to the world, to the universe. We use combination of tools of spiritual and  sciene.

We believe every condition which we experience is the sign of our soul. Everything which we experience a kind of energy with a particilar frecqencies. If you want to heal your body, your connections, any condition and situation you have to find the root of the condition but in the unseen (soul, energie) place.

Essential oils have higher frekvencies than any illness, any heavy feelings (stress, depression, anxiety, neorveus...)

Access Bars work with energetic blocks.

Our aim is not just to relief the pain because that is only cover the condition for a short period. Our aim is always to heal.

Healing is a process. How long does it take is always different. Could it be 3 hours to 3 years or more...

All of the service suits to who would like to release stress, depression, trauma, improve life condition, relationships with parents, children, partner or even money, sex or  just looking for a natural remedies for hayfever, cold, bloodpressure, hasimoto and so many conditions.

Both of them are suitable for children and growing ups.

After Tesla everything is energy and frequencies.

The condition of the body, the situations-experiences of our life only shows our soul "condition" so you heal your soul you heal your body, your circumstances.

The beautiful that these work without you believe in these. You just have to give a try and experience the magic.

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magical gift of Nature

100% pure, natural essential oils, beauty and health products for the whole family

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Access Consciousness - Access Bars

All Of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy & Glory®

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better HEALTH, ease of SLEEP, WEIGHT loss, better SEX and RELATIONSHIPS, relief from ANXIETY, less STRESS, MONEY, STUDIES and so much more...

How does it get any better than this®?


Let's talk
for individuals, for famillies

Sometimes just to talk with a person, who listen could help....

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Children book
Andventures in the Land of Light

Erick is a 6-8 years old boy who visit a wonderful land on a magical night, what he learn that change his life.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

All you would like to try, read, watch, listen

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